Steve Aftergood: Proof the Secret World Is Useless to the Rest of the Government

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Steven Aftergood


Executive branch agencies that are not part of the US Intelligence Community (IC) can still get access to classified intelligence and to IC information technology systems under certain conditions.

But they must follow procedures that were spelled out last month in new policy guidance from Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats.

In a nutshell, the non-IC agency must have an identifiable need for access to intelligence information and must be able to meet required physical security standards for safeguarding the information.

“The originating [IC] element must receive confirmation from the [non-IC] Federal Partner that all applicable safeguarding requirements in law and policy are met prior to gaining access to the data.”

See Federal Partner Access to Intelligence Community Information Technology Systems, Intelligence Community Policy Guidance 404.1, June 16, 2017.

Phi Beta Iota: The secret intelligence community exists to spend money and blackmail Congress to protect that budget. It does not exist to defend America or provide decision-support to Cabinet agencies, assistant secretaries, or action officers across the eight high-level threat domains that the IC chooses to ignore because it lacks Presidential direction and contro.

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