Stephen E. Arnold: The Noisy (Useless?) Internet

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Stephen E. Arnold

Optimizing the Noisy Internet

Humans love to complain, especially the older generations about how their youth was superior to the current day.  Alan Franzoni rants about how the Internet has gotten too noisy in “Stopping The Internet Noise-A Useful Internet Back Again.”  Franzoni complains that the modern Internet is not as useful as the Internet of the 56K modem days.  He lists the ways the old Internet was more productive.  He starts with old Usenet discussion groups and mailing lists.  What he liked about this old discussion boards were that he could subscribe to one application service instead of having to do it multiple times.  He then turns to IRC chatting, citing its superiority because it was a single application with a consistent interface.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  Google is manipulating everything (including the blockage of emails, the skewing of surveys, and of course search results that include digital assassination, but worst of all, Google has no grand strategic or World Brain concept other than to “own” all digital information and be able to monetize it (badly). There is no focus on being “useful,” sadly the same pathology of thought that made Microsoft and Amazon less  than useful to the world. They treat information as “objects” or “packages” to be shipped and monetized, not as organic elements of a whole in which the proper integration of bits of information creates value for humanity.

We need to get serious about creating a World Brain that provides for harvesting the 90% that is not digital, not in English, and not secret.  Below is the original graphic on what this might look like, followed by my Amazon briefing in 2007, and my Memorandum for the President on creating the Open Source Agency.

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