Berto Jongman: The Impeachment Case Against Donald Trump — High Idiocy & Sedition from Hoover and Brookings (Respective Prat Lickers for the Two-Party Tyranny)

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Berto Jongman

It’s Time: Congress Needs to Open a Formal Impeachment Inquiry

By Jane Chong, Benjamin Wittes

It’s now time to begin a serious conversation about the impeachment and removal of President Trump by opening a formal impeachment inquiry.

The evidence of criminality on Trump’s part is little clearer today than it was a day, a week, or a month ago. But no conscientious member of the House of Representatives can at this stage fail to share McConnell’s doubts about Trump’s fundamental fitness for office.

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Phi Beta Iota:  A prat licker is the person who cleans the kings ass. This is the role that the Hoover and Brookings organizations play for the Republican and Democratic parties, the two-party tyranny that enables the Deep State to screw the 99% with impunity. The article is quite good at defining exactly how a witch-hunt might proceed — after all, if Bill Clinton can be impeached for a blow job Donald Trump should certainly be impeachable for infidelity as well as impetuousness. What these two erudite prat-lickers are missing is the fact that the two-party tyranny is dead. Donald Trump is 30 days away from the 2nd American Revolution, should he choose to lead #UNRIG and jam the Election Reform Act of 2017 up the Congressional ass. There is absolutely no question but that across America the Beautiful, constituents are ready to confront individual Members but missing is the charismatic leadership that only a sitting President can provide. Imagine the combination of Cynthia McKinney’s “power cells” as articulated in this wonderful video, combined with Donald Trump barn-storming the country with Cynthia McKinney (Robert Steele tells us he would rather go sailing but he will serve the President as directed if directed). Below is  the political landscape. We estimate that #UNRIG will give the President — if he selects Cynthia McKinney as his new Vice President — 60% of the voters including a third or more of the blacks, half the Latinos, the two thirds of  the Jews sick and tired of AIPAC and Mossad and pedophile billionaires from New York.  We are indeed in a civil war. On one side we have George Soros, $200B, #RESIST, and a commitment to sedition and violence. On the other we have #UNRIG, $120K, and a commitment to peace, non-violence, and a restoration of integrity to Congress. The President’s interest will tip the balance and do so in his favor — greatest President ever, making America great again. #UNRIG.  No-brainer?

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