Julian Assange: Private Message to Donald Trump — Advance Notice of the GOP Pedophilia Dump?

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Julian Assange

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange meets with Republican lawmaker, promises specific details on DNC leak soon

Representative Dana Rohrabacher said he had ‘specific’ information to convey directly to President Trump.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  I have spoken to a well-placed individual in London who follows Assange and pedophilia among the elite very closely. Based on what I have heard I speculate that the private message to Donald Trump is not about the DNC leaks, but rather about the forthcoming massive disclosure of pedophilia among the most senior Republican political officials and their senior staff (e.g. Senator John McCain and Claude Bartleson). As I have been saying for some time now, if the GOP loses several Senators to jail, suicide, or resignation, the Democrats will take the Senate as well as the House in 2018, and our legitimately-elected President will be impeached and dismissed however unjust that might be. I continue to believe that Donald Trump needs to execute the Election Reform Act along with a Trump Channel, Grand Strategy, and Truth &  Reconciliation presidential pardon to the Vice President and all Members of Congress who agree to identify their blackmailers in secret testimony that allows us to clean house across the board. Restoring integrity to Congress must be our shared priority.

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