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Healing Plan

This plan is compiled through the research and experiences of people who recovered from serious health issues. If any of the imbedded links are broken or certain webpages experience problems (it happens quite often), be patient and do search using the key words to find an alternative access.

It seems that almost all health issues are caused by deficiencies (of minerals and vitamins including Omega 3), toxicities, and viral/fungal infections. Deficiencies along with the invasion of toxins and electromagnetic fog in our immediate environment can cause the electrolytes imbalance and disrupt the ionic exchanges of our cells, which in turn bring the health crisis. To prevent cancers, Alzheimer’s or any other similar disease such as multiple sclerosis, it is critical to take probiotics, omega-3, and vitamins and minerals, since food produced using chemical fertilizers, growth hormone, etc. do not contain critical vitamins and minerals and high-quality fats such as Omega-3.

Note that there are many other brands of excellent vitamins and minerals, and also other alternative remedies. Each person responds differently to different remedies and formulas. So, it is important to do your own research based on what are listed here.

Remember, prevention is the most important strategy.

If you are on prescription drugs, you MUST consult your doctors before using the following natural remedies. Prescription drugs can interact with certain vitamins and minerals.

Plan 1 Probiotics – Never underestimate the role of probiotics. Probiotics in your body plays critical role in absorbing vitamins and minerals and enhancing your immune system.

Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotic Formula by Garden of Life Company or Prescript-Assist probiotics.

Plan 2 The best vitamins and minerals I found are by Vital Earth Minerals. If you are on certain prescription drugs, you may not be able to take the vitamins that includes iron or other minerals.

Super Multi Liquid Vitamins by Vital Earth Minerals

Fulvic and Humic Minerals Blend by Vital Earth Minerals

Plan 3 Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex by Garden of Life (You may want to add if you suffer from multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or any other similar symptoms)

Plan 4 For all diseases caused by viral/fungal infection including cancer and many other problems, it seems that this is the best remedy to kill any viruses/fungus (including the antibiotic resistance superbugs). This remedy also can neutralize the heavy metal poisoning and toxins. Many people cure cancers, autism, malaria, etc. with Jim Humble’s protocols.

Please check Jim Humble’s MMS (and CDS) Protocols (here, here, here, here). MMS needs to be activated. CDS is already activated solution so it is easy to use at home and especially when you travel.

The followings are two good videos to start.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker CD, MMS, Sodium Chlorite: Autism, ALS, Cancer, Healing Disease. (Or do search ‘Dr. Andrea Kalcker and MMS’ on YouTube)

– Do search on ‘Kerri Rivera and Autism’ or check her web page. On her webpage, there are many videos that explain how and why MMS or CDS solution works. Some of Dr. Kalcker’s videos are listed on her webpage.

Plan 5 Budwig Diet – Excellent Omega-3 source and natural remedy for and prevention of Alzheimer, Cancer, Heart conditions, Skin problems, etc. Check their webpage.

– If you want to try, just start with 1 TBSP organic Flax Oil and 2 TBSPs organic low fat Cottage cheese and increase up to 3 TBSPs Flax Oil and 6 TBSPs Low Fat Organic Cottage Cheese per day.

– Blend Flax Oil (Organic Flax Seed Oil Barlean brand) and Cottage Cheese (Organic Nancy’s Low Fat Cottage Cheese) together until you get consistency of Mayonnaise and see no separated Flax Oil. You can take it alone or take it as salad dressing or as spread. Take it immediately when it is fresh.

– Or take Omega-3 by Nordic Naturals or any other quality Omega-3, if preparing Budwig Diet is too much work for you.

Plan 6 One of the most powerful and helpful supplements is colostrum. Please check out http://synertekcolostrum.com/ à best and real colostrum is “1st Six Hour Colostrum Powder” from this company. Other colostrum products are available from the Life Change Tea Company. Everyone is unique and some products may be better suited. Try and find a better one for yourself.

Plan 7 Do watch “Is Cancer really a cause of death?” by a forensic pathologist on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRdj2rag-Q0


Watch what you eat and drink.

– Fresh water (filtered, ionized water if possible) is the best drink. Or freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Or good, fragrant, healthy tea. For everything else, you have to drink it at your own risk.

– Check farmers’ markets or organic grocery stores and farms in your area for fresh produce and healthy meat products (grass-fed, organically grown).

– Try to prepare your own meal for yourself and your family using fresh, raw ingredients.

Understand toxins in your house and local environment.

Do research on the conventional household chemicals. Do research on fluoride in your municipal water and your toothpaste. Do research on mercury in dental amalgam fillings. We have to be actively engaged and be responsible for our family, our society, and our environment.

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