#UNRIG LOG (5 AUG 2017)

#Events, #UNRIG

A donor in Tennessee is tentatively committed to an anonymous $100K donation to cover Cynthia’s needs so she can pay taxes in the USA and still be able to pay off her PhD student debt.  This opens the door to her taking over the Queen Bee suite on the Earth Intelligence Network RV around 15 August.

It took two days to register the vehicle, get an RV special transponder, and get a state inspection while also order up a replacement topper for the slide as well as air suspension to stabilize the vehicle now that we know Cynthia will be driving (I have not been comfortable with the rocking either).

On the road now to Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee, offering to visit Univision in Houston and Alex Jones in San Antonio before going to San Diego and the Portland and Seattle.  Available to stop in Arizona.

Cynthia and I continue to pray that our legitimately-elected President will assume leadership of #UNRIG.

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