Berto Jongman: Newsweek on Jordan’s Losing Water — Not a Word About Zionist Theft of Jordanian Water Via Underground Pipes…

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Berto Jongman

What Will Happen if the World No Longer Has Water?

The Jordan River, the country’s lone waterway, is dirty and depleted, while some of its aquifers have been pumped almost beyond repair. The nation’s annual rainfall is set to slide dramatically due to climate change, even as its population continues to swell. Jordan is too poor to turn to costly, large-scale desalination—or fix its leaky infrastructure. And the country’s population growth shows few signs of slowing, so it can’t fall back on water imports, as some lightly populated Pacific and Caribbean island nations have done. Water shortages have gotten so bad, they’ve already sparked clashes between refugees and native Jordanians, and the officials charged with catering to booming demand with a shrinking supply are beginning to panic.

Phi Beta Iota: Zionist Israel (not to be confused with decent Jews everywhere) has been stealing water from the Jordanian aquifers via long underground pipes. They have been doing this for decades. As Robert Steele wrote in his recent War in the Middle East article, if the Arabs, Iranians, and Turks do not focus on free energy and unlimited desalinated water (and other more traditional solutions such as have brought the Dead Sea back to life), Arabia is destined to be hell on Earth.

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