Mongoose: CIA Blows Again – Open Source Information Is Information Operations Untapped Weapon

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Open Source Information Is Information Operations Untapped Weapon

Carmen Landa Middleton

My experience, both as a long-time practitioner of the open source discipline and as a former leader of the CIA branch responsible for it, is that there are two stubborn myths that continue to impede the true unleashing of OSINT’s power and potential. First, that open source is “cheap.” And second, that anyone with little more than a good internet connection can be an open source practitioner.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The author of the above piece has no idea what she is talking about precisely because she has been a CIA cubicle dweller restricted to passive media monitoring and the myth that massive investments in predictive analytics and big data mining will somehow reveal useful intelligence. I suspect she does not know the difference between classified information and intelligence (decision-support).

What CIA does is crap — dysfunctional crap that retards everyone else (e.g. the US Army). It is not helpful to play up CIA pontification at this time. Instead, you might start with understanding why CIA has fought “Active OSINT” (overt HUMINT) for 40 years, and who has persisted in doing it right despite CIA’s lack of both intelligence and integrity.


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