DefDog: DoD Mobilizes for War from 1 January 2018

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The Reserve has been put on notice for war from 1 January 2018.

All Reserve units and individual Ready Reservists have been told to “have your shit together” by 1 January 2018.

Training has intensified since September in two areas:

  • Combat Lifesaving
  • Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) operations

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) are waving the bullshit flag. We are 60% ready generally, 70% ready at best.

Phi Beta Iota: We speculate that the Secretary of Defense is not receiving intelligence — and certainly not intelligence with integrity — on the strategic, operational, tactical, and technical realities of war in the Middle East. Iran is not Iraq — as the Army War College has documented very ably, we won in Iraq solely because we were up against the absolute worst military in the world — all pomp, no power.  Any war with Iran (including nuclear weapons, the Saudis are reported to have used two low-yield nuclear weapons in Yemen), will not only destroy what is left of the Middle East, it will put 20 million refugees into Europe while providing the Deep State with the one thing that could save it from Donald Trump and the combination of the NSA databases now being properly harvested, and all the video now coming online of the 1% (including media, celebrities, and judges) doing bad things to small children. Russia, China, and Turkey are all thinking hard about the next US invasion of the Middle East being its last. Before God and the public, the President will have no excuses if he tolerates America going to war in the Middle East again.

PS: There is a 50-50 chance President Trump is letting SecDef play out the war narrative pending the complete neutralization of the Deep State.

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