REVIEW: Alien World Order – The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race

5 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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The author has done a superb job of weaving hundreds of other accounts, both written and in video, and I find his narrative compelling.  From deep history to the Holy Roman Empire to the Nazis to the US secret space programs today, this is a book that could be and should be read by every citizen.

Project Human Extinction is the better book at one level, but this book offers a great deal of information not found in Project Human Extinction so I recommend them both without preference for one over the other.

As the public awakens to the realities of the Deep State and the elite (1%) penchant for drinking the adrenalized blood of children; as the public grows increasingly aware of the neo-Nazi nature of both the CIA and NASA and their investments in horrific mind-control technologies both direct and remote; as the public begins to understand that both central banking and religions are controlling authorities (with the Vatican being outright Reptilian in nature), this is a book that could help the general reader come to grips with one simple fact: just about everything we have ever been told about history and current events is a lie.

9/11 (Dick Cheney), pedophilia and Satanism (also Dick Cheney), and extraterrestrials (Dick Cheney again) are the three major disclosures that I anticipate in 2018. These three disclosures will tip the balance of power away from the 1% and toward the 99%. We are beginning a new era of cosmic peace and prosperity that is rooted in the education of the public and the eradication of sececy.

This book is an important contribution and a “must read.”

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