Robert Steele: Stock Response to Speaking Invitations

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I would welcome an invitation to Switzerland.  My standard international deal these days is a business class ticket on any airline, a three star hotel or better, and $10K to $25K via wire for my undivided attention to multiple engagements between two full days and five full days.  I was a guest of the Swiss military intelligence folks back in the 1990’s before CIA went around bribing people to ignore me — apart from Trump, Putin, and Xi I am the single greatest threat to the secret intelligence world and the Deep State, and also the single most promising collection of ideas accumulated from others for lifting the entire five billion poor with holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).  [NOTE: US invites are premier economy and $2,500–$5,000. All payments to Earth Intelligence Network are tax-deductible for US tax-paying entities.]

You can see my Nobel-level materials including the long form nomination at, attached [REDACTED] is a draft letter not for publication that will be going to Trump, Xi, and Putin once we get the right 30 signatures,  the business plan is under development by a very talented Norwegian ship broker and IPO writer, the bottom line is that the investors of the future must invest in sustainable open source everything that eliminates corruption, waste, war, toxicity, etcetera.  We are at the beginning of a 1,000 year era of peace and prosperity.  Trump, Xi, and Putin have the Deep State (1%) on the back foot but they have not pivoted to the 99% where the power needs to be centered. You can see the international Open Source Agency I would like to help each country to build — the Swiss have excelled at risk arbitrage but without being grounded in my tri-fecta — when you understand and respect my tri-fecta, ALL of the investment formulas go into the trash heap.

The ideal national visit would include

  • a national TV or radio interview in advance of arrival
  •  a recorded and posted university lecture and at least two university workshops (one focused on creating a new PhD/DBA called Stewardship, with three tracks (holistic analytics, true cost economics, OSEE); a second on creating an OSEE Innovatiion Centre and Network); my evening SPY IMPROV / Ask Me Anything is very popular with students, my record is 8 hours and 1 minute set at Hackers on Planet Earth
  • a business leadership meeting on the ethics and profit of 21st century leadership (see briefing at
  • a multi-cabinet government department meeting talking about how a government can create a grand strategy and a 21st century decision support capability that addresses all ten threats, all twelve core policies, all costs, and then takes the lead in moving Swtizerland into the realm of post-Western economy, post-Western information, post-Western engineering..
  • a telecommunications meeting on creating the post-Western post-Google Internet (see
  • a “RESTRICTED” session with leaders concerns about Zionist influence over Switzerland, on and also
  • a “TOP SECRET” session with the civilian and military intelligence communities (or each separately, everything on the table [it should be obvious that I have no secrets and would never betray my country, but there are so many morons in the US “security” system that I find I have to specify this — I am the most published critic of our pathologically dysfunctional secret intelligence system and am looking forward to cutting that system by 70% while increasing its value from 4% to 100%).
  • a concluding black tie dinner with a cross section of leaders from each of the eight tribes (academic, civil society – labor and religion), commerce, government especially local, media, military, NGO) on healing the world while restoring the integrity of banking, commerce, defense, diplomacy, and development.

I take great care to prepare my briefings in advance for my hosts approval, with scripts, so that there are no surprises in the main lectures. In the Q&A I reserve the right to be truthful and shocking, but am happy to accept “areas of concern” from the host, for example avoiding discussion of local politics about which I know nothing, or extraterrestrials about which I have no direct knowledge but some informed opinion.

With best wishes,


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