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Phase II of #UNRIG has begun. In part because Cynthia McKinney could not leave her job in Bangladesh, in part because of a major Deep State/Zionist-led attack on #UNRIG (six ways, ninety days), our funding collapsed and I was forced to sell the RV yesterday mostly to avoid $10K in looming insurance, storage, and property tax costs for which we have no funds. Now I am re-grouping, wishing Cynthia well in Bangladesh, while focusing on bringing all the small parties (especially Constitution, Green, Libertarian, and Reform) together to demand election reform in the spring.

I expect to win the lawsuit and that should provide ample funding for non-profit educational operations in 2018, augmented by such donations as you are all moved to make either directly to the non-profit, or via the wonderful IndieGoGo/Generosity campaign now renamed #UNRIG: 2018 Year of the Independent. I most need donations between now and March. All donations to the non-profit educational corporation are tax deductible for those paying taxes in the USA.

What you can do in December 2017: Convene a transpartisan group of constituents, understand the twelve points in the Election Reform Possibilities Graphic, and demand that your Member sponsor a townhall meeting during the holidays focused exclusive on this graphic; demand that they sign the Integrity Pledge. If they fail to do so, start looking for a challenger to knock them out of office in 2018.

Here is what I learned in Phase I through three road-trips and over forty individual endeavors across various Congressional Districts:

01 The Members and staff we reached believe they are not “authorized” to consider legislation that is outside the Committee assignments (this is not correct, any Member can introduce legislation on any topic), or they do not believe they need to listen to their constituents if they are not facing a challenger.

02 With all the members of Congress resigning as the sealed indictments and public interest in elite pedophilia ramps up 2018 could be the year in which Greens, Libertarians, and Independents can get elected to Congress, and 2020 could be the first time a Green, Libertarian, or Independent can be elected as President, provided they announce a coalition cabinet and balanced budget in advance and challenge the Democratic and Republican candidates to do the same.

03 Administratively, because of the treacherous misbehavior of the CEO of MeetUp, perhaps responding to direction from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL, the Zionist secret police in the USA and the co-sponsor of the 1,087 #RESIST MeetUps for whom fees have been “waived,”) I found we were spending too much time on the road to meet too few people. A balance needs to be struck (for example, I achieve one million views in the last ten days via four YouTube interviews and a few residuals). Am going to do much more in the YouTube realm and via Zoom conferencing with local groups.

Here is the plan for 2018:

01 I am going to go silent from now until 7 January 2018.

02 I have committed to visiting Portland 19-20 January 2018, where I will test a concept for bringing the small parties and Independents together in town hall meetings focused on making election reform their cause in common.

03 I am going to approach the Green and Libertarian Party and Reform  leaderships with an offer of visit to every single state in the first three months of 2018, conditional on their agreeing to work together with other small parties and Independents to press all Members to introduce and co-sponsor the Election Reform Act.

04 I am going to prioritize audio-visual interviews and direct engagement with local groups via Zoom. Trips will be made with 250 or more citizens commit to being present.

05 I have not given up on Donald Trump, but may give up on him if he allows the Zionists for force a declaration of war that puts US troops into the Middle East in February-March 2018. I am also extremely concerned about the proprosal to privatize, which is to say, Zionize, US covert and clandestine operations, possibly to include the murder of opponent of our legitimately-elected president, here in the USA.

06 If Donald Trump invites me to help him triumph with a Trump Channel and Open Source Agency and a Grand Strategy Conversation with America, and ideally himself introduces the Election Reform Act in early 2018, I will vanish from the public eye and serve him quietly in the background.

07 Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State, should be finished by 4 July 2016. Each existing chapter is free online and also an Amazon Kindle Short. I am paying for someone to index the book and will to have the first twelve chapters indexed by 1 February 2018 so the public can start looking up individuals and institutions by name. I urge all of you to donate to the author’s IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign Spreading Truth about the Global Pedophile Network.

There are other plans, including provision for the rental or purchase of a new RV that has air springs and is sound-proof and suitable for serious work on the the road, and I am also working with various individuals who could end up creating the post-Google Internet that cannot be censored or manipulated and that would make direct democracy possible regardless of resistance from the Deep State. Given the vicious attack on me, #UNRIG, and Earth Intelligence Network by what is clearly a Zionist network and conspiracy, I am reinstating the below modified graphic as a recommended bumper sticker and billboard available to the constituents in each of the 435 Congressional Districts. We will neither attack nor endorse any individual candidate. We will accept any invitation from any group interested in restoring integrity to our election process by understanding and then demanding the signature by each Member of the Integrity Pledge, and their subsequent co-sponsorship of the Election Reform Act of 2018.

The official blog for UNRIG.Net will be Phi Beta Iota, please subscribe there, free, no advertising ever, 4 emailed posts a day. Or bookmark #UNRIG @ Phi Beta Iota and visit whenever desired.

These remain the two core graphics. The first shows the terrible landscape we are all capable of addressing if we come together, and the second is the starting point for a transpartisan conversation about election reform possibilities.

Please buy the polo shirts and please do not support any low-rent rip-off artists selling T-Shirts. #UNRIG is trademarked and I will go after anyone that violates that trademark (Cynthia McKinney has unlimited unrestricted use of the trademark for her lifetime). Ball caps are in planning, I rejected the first batch as too deep (conehead model). We will have shallow elegant ball caps perhaps only red, Donald Trump’s favorite color. I will get the first one in his hands. Free stuff you can print and disseminate is at the UNStore page.

God Bless America — one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all remaining the ideal that we wish to achieve by displacing the Deep State and ending the two-party tyranny that is the enabler of the Deep State.

NEW: #UNRIG Global Logo, out of The Netherlands, anyone may copy.

#UNRIG Global Logo

#UNRIG: an idea whose time has arrived.

Every donor gets a formal certificate as a Founding Citizen of the 2nd American Revolution (or the 1st Global Revolution) — whether we achieve our objective in 2018 or not — a lot depends on Donald Trump understanding that #UNRIG Year of the Independent (including small parties) is the only viable answer to #RESIST and the Deep State using #RESIST to spread sedition and vioence — the Certificate should be a collector’s item one day.

I pray — I believe in God and family values — that the 99% will triumph over the 1% by using ethical non-violent means combined with a firm commitment to Truth & Reconciliation in relation to the 1%. My version is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail.” It is more important, in my view, that we educate all of the people, than that we hang some of the people.

With deep respect and appreciation for all,
Robert David Steele

REFUND POLICY: We are dealing with some trolls that donate and then immediately claim to their banks that we have committed fraud. Our refund policy, consistent with IndieGoGo policies, is this:

01 No question asked refunds from IndieGoGo during the period when the specific donation is still in escrow with IndieGoGo prior to disbursement.

02 No refund at all if fraud is claimed in a bank chargeback.

03 No refund once donation has been disbursed to Earth Intelligence Network for operational spending.

A federal lawsuit for defamation with conspiracy (triple damages) has been filed against the individual who has been publishing slander on YouTube and leading others to libel us with posts.  Our detailed budget showing how all funds are being expended can be seen here: https://www.unrig.net/budget-report/

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