Anthony Judge: Earth as a Shithole Planet

Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Earth as a Shithole Planet?

Understanding why there are no extraterrestrial visitors

Unrecycled waste disposal as evidence for Planet Earth as a “shithole”
Geographical “dumping grounds” as evidence for Planet Earth as a “shithole”
Generation of unrecycled waste by unchecked increase of population
Recognition of “shit-filled” people as characteristic of a “shithole” planet
Evidence for the USA as a “shithole country” — the most powerful on Planet Earth
Strategic confusion of racist language and sexist language: the underlying problem?
Inadequate “toilet training” and use of “foul language” as evidence for Planet Earth as a “shithole”
Galactic media standards in the face of “fake news” and advertising variously “full of shit”
Vital distinction between “shithole planets” and those having “got their shit together”
Preparing the galactic encounter of a “planetary shithole”

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