Anthony Judge: Golden Globes – Cleavages, Hype, Cancer, Hypocrisy — Are Breasts the Measure of Our Intelligence?

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Golden Globes Confusing Cleavage, Hype and Hypocrisy

One-way harassment — OK — I am attracted — Now what

Unacknowledged symbolism in relation to cleavage
Cleavage: metaphorical nexus of complexity and ambiguity
Attracting attention through advertising sexually
Subliminal promotion of a sex game: Golden Globes, Oscars and Red Carpets
Stars-in-the-shop-window game mirrored by Glass-ceiling game
Cleavage as a global psychosocial metaphor
Breast cancer as metaphor of global civilization vulnerability
Embodying global hypocrisy in models variously perceived
Appropriate post-attraction modalities?
Time for humanoid robot companions?

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