Dan Schultz: How Council for National Policy Can Save the Republican Party

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How to Take Over the RNC with Existing Networks and Software

The Council for National Policy organizational members “pivot” all their respective members into the vacant Republican Party precinct committeeman slots of their respective voting precincts, thereby becoming voting members of the Republican Party apparatus.

The Republican Party consists of about 400,000 voting member, precinct committeeman, slots.  Half are vacant.  The filled slots are split about fifty-fifty between conservatives and moderates.  Get 200,000 members of the organizations to unite with the other approximately 100,000 conservatives already in the precinct committeeman slots, and the fifty-fifty split, half-strength party transforms into a full-strength party with a 75% conservative voting majority.

As a result, eventually conservatives will have a strong majority among the 168 RNC member slots.

Use rVotes (www.rVotes.com) as the communications platform for the conservative precinct committeemen.

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Phi Beta Iota: Similar opportunities are probably available with other parties. The key here is that citizens should be seizing power at the local level and not leaving seats vacant or the national party in the hands of the elite.

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