Event: 3-5 April 2018 Internet Identity Workshop — The Cure for #GoogleGestapo — Help End Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia…

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Phi Beta Iota: What this innocuous announcement does not say is that the four rights that this group has been working on for over 20 years are the rights of Anonymity, Identity, Privacy, and Security, at the individual “you own your own data” level, and that they are therefore the anti-thesis to Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, and Wikipedia, among others. There is a very heavy crypto presence this year, and we believe that this event and the new crypto (beyond blockchain, processing as fast as credit cards and scalable) are converging. If there is ONE event that can liberate us all from #GoogleGestapo, this is that event. Robert Steele and two of his top crypto advisors will be present throughout the event. Full announcement and link below the fold.

Kaliya Hamlin Young

Internet Identity Workshop

The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. We meet in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. Name an identity topic and it's likely that more substantial discussion and work has been done at IIW than any other conference! Robert Steele will be in attendance.

More information on registering, venue, and hotels.

IIW Is More Relevant Than Ever

IIW was started to discuss what was then called “user-centric identity” and a look at the proceedings from past IIWs will convince you that topics related to user-centric identity are a big part of every IIW.

The recent interest in self-sovereign identity, blockchain-based identity, and related systems has pushed that conversation to a new level.

At the same time, IIW serves as a forum for working on the identity systems and protocols that make the modern Web work such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, User-Managed Access, and Fido, to name a few.

If you're interested in identity, IIW has sessions you'll be glad you didn't miss.


Steele, Robert. “Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet: An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All,” Russian International Affairs Council, February 5, 2018.

Steele, Robert, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

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