Penguin: Winding Tree Decentralized Open Source Destruction of Travel Cabal — Is Amazon Next?

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Decentralized Travel Distribution Platform Eliminates Middlemen to Make Your Trips Cheaper

Winding Tree is building a new decentralized, open-source travel distribution platform that aims to serve the needs both of the traveling public as well as the suppliers of travel products. The platform would involve no centralized control which means that there won’t be many intermediaries to escalate prices. It would also have no barriers for entry so that finally smaller businesses in the industry can have an equal footing with the big boys.

Phi Beta Iota: Amazon's loss of integrity across multiple fronts, from banning books and banning reviews that it considers “politically incorrect” (and in so doing actively violating Title 7 restrictions against discrimination) suggests that the biggest target for disintermediation is Amazon. The concept is simple and could be led by PayPal if PayPal wants to pay attention: it should be possible for any individual to buy anything from anyone without creating an account, without entering payment or shipping information — only a selection of what is to be bought, and the entry of a token with a two-step authenticator.

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