Stephen E. Arnold: The Post-Amazon Post-Google Wunderkind: Alon Halevy at Megagon

#OSE Open Source Everything, Autonomous Internet
Stephen E. Arnold

Megagon Labs

BigGorilla is an open-source data integration and data preparation ecosystem (powered by Python) to enable data scientists to perform integration and analysis of data.

And much more…

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Elisabet Sahtouris: Recommending DeCenterNet and Sean Kim

Autonomous Internet
Elisabet Sahtouris

Please see  and look at the White Paper to get a sense of Sean Kim’s whole new internet vision, currency, open source technology and more.

Video and excellent white paper in multiple languages at the link above.

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Penguin: Open Source and Big Data

Architecture, Autonomous Internet, Data, Software
Dare To Be Free!

Weighing Open Source’s Worth for the Future of Big Data

“If you’re trying to overcome a technology like relational databases, which have been developed over decades and had gestation from every major university in the world that does computer science research, it takes a long time to climb that hill,” Kreps says. “What’s very different for us is there hasn’t really been this incredibly well-developed infrastructure layer in the space we’re entering. We get to kind of make it up as we go along, which is a huge advantage. “

This perhaps is the reason why — despite the availability of MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL RDBMs, the advent of modern NoSQL and NewSQL solutions, and scalable Hadoop and object-storage alternatives — proprietary RDBMs continue to drive the lion’s share of enterprise spending in the data management space.

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