Mongoose: Amazon (Bezos) = Predatory Capitalism

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Tip of the Hat to Joseph Cotto, San Francisco Review of Books.

Phi Beta Iota: We agree with this. Amazon is cheating both its employees and its suppliers at the same time that it is deliberately oblivious about “true cost economics” and using its considerable powers to grow a World Brain. A “virtual” Amazon that substitutes tokens for direct purchasing from original sellers is inevitable. Anyone giving Amazon taxpayer incentives for shit jobs is either being bribed or seriously stupid.  From a counterintelligence point of view, it is probably time to look very carefully at Amazon as both a money laundering facility for Zionist Israel, and a co-opted agent of the Mossad inclusive of the exploitation of all DoD and CIA data in Amazon's cloud.

See Especially (Amazon is part of #GoogleGestapo):

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