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Playground Hierarchies and Bullying Socialize Men to Take on the REAL Bullies in Government and Corporations

This long article is superb, with original thinking in the two articles (one by a very thoughtful US Marine) discussed and commentary. It offers the best socio-cultural-psychological analysis I have seen on what happened in Florida and in so many other mass shootings done by young men in recent years,  Also, reading between the lines, this article gives much needed insight into why the Elite seeks to feminize and homosexualize and morally and physically weaken boys and men:

The Broken Culture That Breeds Mass Murderers

Phi Beta Iota: It's more complicated than this, but the insights are very valuable.  From the invention of the Catholic and Jewish faiths to today's fake news and false flag events, the 1% have spent extraordinary amounts of money and imagination in keeping the 99% docile.  This includes the femininization of men, the financialization of the economy, the promulgation of pedophilia as a general means of entrapping and keeping loyal key judges, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, and others), and more. The latest iteration in the Deep State's desperate attempt to keep control is #GoogleGestapo. As this is written, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube are all furiously deleting all reports that suggest that the Florida  school shooting was a false flag, including students stating that they were told it would be a drill and more.

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