REVIEW: Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus UPDATE to Include Rebuttal

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REVIEW: Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

Joseph Atwill

6 Stars –Destroys the Catholic Church in Compelling Detail

In brief, this book compares Wars of the Jew written by courtiers of Caesar, and The New Testament – by this author’s account also written by courtiers of Caesar. The explicit intent was to create an official religion that would put down the Jewish zealots rebelling against Caesar, and in the process, train the masses to turn the other cheek, render unto Caesar all that is Caesar’s, and love the enemy. If true, and I believe the author has made this case most compellingly, then the Roman Catholic Church is perhaps the most significant and successful psychological operation in modern history; the Pope and the Vatican are bastards in every possible respect; and the time has come to end the Vatican’s diplomatic immunity.

It is helpful, for those who struggle to understand the degree to which we all lied to about everything, to contemplate the books that I have reviewed previously that support this point.  Below I summarize this superb book and offer some quotes – there is no substitute for actually reading this superb book.  The author is brilliant and he has seen – and documented – something that tens of thousands of scholars before him have all missed.

The ultimate hypocrisy documented by this book is “Jesus” warning of false prophets when actually being the false profit himself.

This is a Nobel-level work of Cultural Analysis, History, and Literature.

What I found most compelling, apart from the paragraph by paragraph, was the exquisite detailed analysis of specific names, specific timelines, and specific analogies. An example of very deep word by word analysis in the original language is provided on page 192.  The author is totally credible with his side by side comparisons and his hypothesis that the New Testament dates were back-dated to simulate prophecies that were reverse-engineered from actual events as documented in Wars of the Jew.

I have never, in my 65 years of life as a professional intelligence officer, seen a finer piece of analysis. John Lewis Gaddis would in my humble opinion, have given this author a solid A++ / 1st Honors.

The quotes below may strike some as tedious, they are for those who refuse my entreaty to read the book in the original.

QUOTE (29): “An analogy to Christianity’s purported origins might be a cult established by Polish Jews during World War II that set up its headquarters in Berlin and encouraged its members to pay taxes to the Third Reich.”

QUOTE (42): “The Flavians created much of the literature that provides documentation for the religion, were responsible for its oldest known cemetery, and housed individuals named in the New Testament within their imperial court.”

QUOTE (42): “Cicero not only prefigures much of Christian theology but also actually advocates for the state to persuade the masses to adopt the theology most appropriate for the empire.”

QUOTE (44): “The theory of a Roman invention of Christianity does not originate with this work. Bruno Bauer, a 19th-century German scholar, believed that Christianity was Rome’s attempt to create a mass religion that encouraged slaves to accept their station in life.”

QUOTE (63): “The New Testament has numerous passages that seem deliberately intended to cause Christian to hate Jews.   . . .  The New Testament was designed to promote anti-Semitism.”

QUOTE (67): “…the answer is clear – the sin that Jesus [Titus] wished the Jews to ‘repent’ was their rebellion against Rome.”

QUOTE (83): “So my musings raised the question of whether John the Zealot, leader of the Jewish rebellion, had assisted the Romans in creating Christian literature while he was imprisoned in Decapolis.”

QUOTE (100): “I would conjecture that during the war ‘Mary’ became a Roman nickname for female rebels, in much the same manner that enemy soldiers have been referred to by a single name during the modern era [Kraut, Charley].”

QUOTE (101): “John [the Zealot] was used by the Roman to help create the literature that poisoned the future of his own people.”

QUOTE (105): “…the Gospels’ character ‘Jesus Christ’ was completely fictional.”

QUOTE (106): “Notice that in their ‘ministries’ Jesus and Titus went to the same places in the same sequence [table provided].”

QUOTE (156): “Jesus ‘predicted’ that when the ‘Son of Man’ made his visitation, Galilee would be destroyed, Jerusalem encircled with a wall, and the Temple razed. There is only one person in history who accomplished these events, and he did it precisely within the given time frame – Titus Flavius, a Caesar whose court historians maintained he was the Christ. The fact that the campaign of this singular individual also has a singular parallelism to Jesus’ ministry cannot have been accidental.”

QUOTE (215): “The satire is a perfect synopsis of the real intent of Christianity, which is to ‘convert’ the followers of the Jewish Messiah into followers of Caesar without their knowing it.”

QUOTE (216): Citing John 6:51-54, “Then Jesus said to them, ‘Most assuredly, I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his life blood, you shall have no life in you.” In conjunction with my growing interest in pedophilia and the murder of children for their blood and flesh and bone marrow and body parts, I am increasingly convinced that extremists at the highest level of both Chabad Judaism and the Catholic Church have taken this literally for centuries, and are using babies and small children murdered in Satanic rituals, to worship a Luciferian interpretation of the Almighty.

QUOTE (274): “I believe that the ‘Bernice’ and the ‘Alexander’ in the passage are easily identified as Titus’ mistress Bernice, and either Marcus Alexander, who actually Bernice’s husband but who died before the war, or his brother Tiberius Alexander, Titus’ Jewish chief of staff during the siege of Jerusalem. These individuals had both the technical knowledge of Judaism and the ethical perspective required to create Christianity.”

QUOTE (307): “[Christianity was] a cost-effective method of containing militant Judaism, which was so expensive for Rome to control.”

QUOTE (375): “Since the Romans inserted the Mccabees into Christianity, it is at least logical to wonder if they also removed them from Judaism, which was being reestablished at about the same time. As Esienman points out in James the Brother of Jesus, Rabbi Yohanan ben Zacchai is described in the Talmud as having worked to reestablish a form of Judaism after the 70 C.E. holocaust. He worked at an academy at Yavneh, established with the authorization of Rome. He is also claimed to have applied the Star prophecy, the Messiah or world-ruler prophecy, to Vespasian exactly as Josephus had done. These facts provide a basis for speculation about the extent to which Rome was also involved in the creation of Rabbinical Judaism.”

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