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ROBERT STEELE: Blockchain on the one hand — and the Silk Road on the other — appear made for each other. Beyond the new gold-backed yuan that will displace the very corrupt Western financial paradigm lies a major opportunity: Chinese innovation of a global  transferable cyber-currency that is programmable, provides privacy and transparency, has no limits, can be taxed by the transaction, and offers full control. What they are both missing is the integration of true cost economics and distributed production using Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Put another way, China must strive to BOTH create OBOR for external peace and prosperity AND apply OSEE internally to achieve internal peace and prosperity.

Here is a depiction of OBOR (not quite complete):

Here is a graphic that from the first reference above that shows why some form of cybercurrency is essential to China’s making the most of OBOR. It bears mention that most real estate records are in hard copy (analog) form. As China’s global reach advances, a reliable digital archive of tangible assets that has no boundaries is going to become very important.

And here is the first ASEAN crypto currency, I know the people behind this, they are the best in the world.

Inspired By Venezuelan Petro, Cambodia May Issue A National Cryptocurrency

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