Mongoose: Did MI-6 Kill the Russians & Did Trump Fall for It?

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Russian Spy Poisoned In UK Offered To Give Evidence That MI6 Created “Trump Dossier” So He Could Return Home

    • Sergei Skripal had first hand knowledge that the “Trump Russia Dossier” was invented by Globalist MI6 in order to damage Trump's and Putin's chances for teaming up against the Globalists.
    • The poison used came from a Soviel factory in Uzbekistan, which was decommissioned by American “experts” after the Soviet collapse.

  • Was the word “Soviet” substituted by the word “Russian”, in order to make untrue accusations against Russia, in regards to the origin of the poison, plausible?
  • Why was Russia internationally blamed for this murder attempt before their guilt was proven?
  • Why were internet links (Skype?; e-mails?) between Skripal and MI6's Christopher Steele recently erased?
  • Was the recent “disappearance” of CDC's Dr. Timothy Cunningham (reported yesterday) connected with his knowledge about where (Porton Downs near Salisbury UK?)  those American experts might have kept some “leftovers” of that highly lethal substance and to whom they might have recently made it available (for big bucks)?

Phi Beta Iota: The Russian murdered in the UK (which is ostensibly responsible for his safety) was pardoned by a former president of Russia and exchanged for Russian spies captured by the US and UK. Such people are normally NOT attacked after the fact.  Combine that with the insanity of using a nerve agent so unstable the Russians themselves phased it out, and this has all the earmarks of a Deep State “dirty trick” carried out by MI-6 with CIA support, and Donald Trump has fallen for it.  Never mind that Sorcha Faal is David Booth, we love his creative mind and the links he uses are credible sources.  Absent compelling evidence, we believe the Russians has nothing to do with these deaths and they were an act of the British state.

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