Wayne Jett: Budget Bill Fake Out — The Trump Storm Goes On!

Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

A new report linked below has been posted on the Classical Capital website discussing President Trump's signing of the Omnibus Budget Bill and how that action affects the Trump MAGA agenda and, more specifically, the Storm currently underway against the worldwide ruling elite. Briefly, though the OBB was put together by swamp creatures for no good intentions, it will be turned into a large net plus for MAGA. More importantly, signing the bill avoided shutting down government operations in ways that would inhibit actions underway to defeat, uproot and punish those who have victimized and looted hard-earned capital of Americans for generations – even centuries. Success of the Storm must remain the focus of those willing and able to fight the New World Order and the elitist agenda.

BUDGET BILL FAKE-OUT: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

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