Jerome Corsi: Explaining Trump, the Military “Legal” Coup, QAnon, Mueller Investigation, Zuckerberg Testimony [Via InfoWars and Alex Jones]

Cultural Intelligence

Phi Beta Iota: Brother Corsi neglects to mention that client-attorney privilege is not immune to the crime-fraud exception (use by the client of the attorney to commit a crime). there is however no evidence that President Trump has committed a crime; it is possible his lawyer misrepresented (some would say lied) to the bank in arranging a home mortgage to cover the payment. When we compare this with the document treason, pedophilia, charity fraud, and electoral fraud of the Clinton Crime Family, we cannot help but wonder if the Department of Justice might still be in enemy hands.  We pray for the safety of our President and the ultimate restoration of integrity to the USA — respect for the Constitution, and holding our elites accountable for treason, pedophilia, and fraud.

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