Mongoose: Syria False Flag 2013 Historical Recap – CIA, Qatar, UK Arranged Gas Attacks as a Pretext for US Invasion

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Historical (2013), highly relevant to what is happening today.

Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists

On January 25, 2013, CyberwarNews published the story of a Malaysian hacker called JAsIrX who posted hacked emails to various file sharing websites from the UK-based private military contracting company, Britam Defence. A note included from the hacker said the company had “…killed Arabs in Iraq and [planned] to invade in Iran and Syria.”

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The emails outlined an exact playbook for what we’re witnessing now.

In the hacked emails, senior executives at Britam discussed a contract offered to them by Qatari intelligence, who would pay them an “enormous” sum to coordinate anti-Assad rebels to carry out a chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians. Qatar also wanted Britam to deploy their Ukrainian personnel to impersonate Russians and have them video the victims. The attacks would then be blamed on the Assad government and be used to create a pretext for the Western military intervention against the Syrian regime that we’re seeing now.

Phi Beta Iota: Tucker Carlson is an American hero for challenging the lies being told to President Donald Trump. We are quite certain the current alleged gas attack is a false flag, the Russians reported US training of rebels to do precisely this; we have the video of rebels training children for a false flag demonstration; we have  their filming site, what more does one need to understand that this alleged attack, like the last one solidly disproven by an MIT professor, is a false flag attack? Our President is being lied to.

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