Mongoose: Deutche Bank Crashing, Preamble to Global Financial Reset?

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The Deutsche Bank was a central player in the Gold War against Russia. If there is any bank on the planet that deserves to crash and be completely wiped out, it is the Deutsche Bank and its US affiliates.

Deutsche Bank Crashes After Profit Warning, Confirmation Of Massive Layoffs

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: A global financial re-set appears to be imminent. I have no direct knowledge but the following paragraph was approved by one of those engaged with elements of the US Government in preparing the US side of this global financial reset:

I have no direct knowledge but my direct sources in London and elsewhere are saying that a gold-backed US dollar looms on the horizon; that the US Government (USG) is going to stop borrowing money from the banks; that Donald Trump may have succeeded in getting back perhaps $15 trillion in “credits” from the $23-43 trillion now known to have been stolen by the banks; and – most importantly for the American public – that sometime in June over a trillion dollars will be released into the US economy through trusted stewards – normal people many of them veterans – to inspire a jobs creation and new construction boom such as we have no seen since the aftermath of World War II (WWII). The massive investments in mostly black inner cities and mostly white impoverished rural areas is part of this deal.


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