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On 23 May 2018 Politico featured a story, “Pompeo: No ‘deep state’ at State or CIA,” in which the Secretary of State, a few months ago and ever so briefly the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA), is quoted as being dismissive of the term “deep state,” and its applicability to the CIA or the Department of State. The author of the article, Louis Nelson, says this, not as a quote from Pompeo:

While there have been instances of career employees and officials caught at odds with the administration, there has been no proof of a systematic conspiracy to undermine the president.

I am reminded of the epic falsehood (richly deserving of a federal lawsuit) by The Daily Beast, which stated, in media hit piece against my colleague David Seaman of Pizzagate fame,

On March 25, a group of protesters will gather at Lafayette Square in front of the White House and demand an investigation into a nonexistent global satanic child-sex-trafficking operation.

In as much as I am not only a former spy, but also a Commissioner and Chief Counselor for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, and easily able to testify, with many witnesses and documentation, that the global satanic child sex trafficking (and torture and murder and body parts and blood harvesting) operation is very real, I find Mike Pompeo statement as insanely wrong as that of The Daily Beast.

Is the Deep State also non-existent? Politico, barely one step up the ladder of evolution from The Daily Beast, would have us think so.

Mike Pompeo and Louis Nelson are both wrong. Below I will document various ways in which the CIA specifically is a creature of the Deep State; I will leave it to others to address the rest of the US Government but the evidence is compelling about the degree to which secret agencies, Cabinet departments, and the White House, are all being subverted by the “Deep State” and its Zionist sub-strata.

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