Berto Jongman: Former Head of MI-6 Loses His Mind – “Good-bye James Bond, hello big data”

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Berto Jongman

Goodbye James Bond, hello big data

Former head of Britain's MI6 recounts how intelligence gathering has changed deeply

“Now, the most important person in any intelligence service is the data analyst, because it’s the data analyst who will tell you where the threats are coming from and where the opportunities are emerging that you as an intelligence agency can exploit.”

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: It is entirely plausible that Sir John Sawers is delivering a cover story, knowing that somewhere in the world there are people with intelligence, integrity, and imagination that understand that overt and covert Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is the heart of capturing local knowledge that will never be online. I do, however, doubt this. Sir Sawers is going down the same rabbit hole that CIA and NSA dived into when they chose to ignore my pioneering work in the 1980's and 1990's — and that of over 800 others I sponsored. The facts are straight forward: 1% of what is known is written, and 1% of what is written is published in accessible online fashion. NSA (and corporations) process 1% of what they collect. The data centers are doomed. I had this discussion with William Binney yesterday.  I am fully briefed on the Amazon game plan that is going to suck the money out of DoD and DHS  and the IC, create a Big Brother data ingestion and analysis monster that will be in violation of every possible Constitutional protection and privacy regulation in existence, and then it will die.  That's the good news. The Autonomous Alternative Internet (AAI) with embedded individual rights of anonymity, identity, privacy, and security is emergent, accelerated by the Zionist-led campaign to eradicate conservative voices (and some progressive voices) from Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube known collectively as  #GoogleGestapo. Amazon is going to make the same mistakes the US Government has always made, it will as Russell Ackoff coined the term, do “the wrong things right..” Amazon is going to  turn the financial and data industries upside down, and most providers who rely on Amazon infrastructure today will find themselves, like Netflix, out in the cold and headed for bankruptcy.  The USG will find Amazon, with a rectal grin, offering to replace the financial and data services once provided by those it has digitally assassinated with malice aforethought.  All good. I and those I respect will continue to work toward a truth channel, an integrated BitTorrent based ecology with OpenID, single log-in, authenticated identity and accountability within anonmynity, and an overall strategy intended to bypass the very respectable advances Amazon has made with respect to deanonymizing through correlation of data across databases that have not necessarily given Amazon permission to do cross-correllation.

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