Kaliya “Identity Woman” Young: An Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

Advanced Cyber/IO, IO Privacy
Kaliya Young

An Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

A comprehensive introduction and analysis of the technology, standards, projects, players, and applications that use blockchain for digital identity.


Digital identity is an infrastructure necessary to do most everything on the Internet. However, today’s platform designs own the digital identities of the people on them, (Facebook owns the identity you use on it and any applications that use your Facebook log-in).

Centralized identity providers have had increasing security issues in recent years as central repositories are a delicious attack surface for hackers; the integrity of stored data is low, and users have little to no control of how their data is used.

The most popular single sign-on provider can revoke your identity if you do not follow their real-names ruleset. This removes access not just to the identity provider’s product, but to any product that users the 3rd party for identity.

Self-Sovereign Identity technologies give individuals the ability to control and manage their own digital identifiers. This technology is gaining momentum as it solves previously unsolvable challenges. With the emergence SSI open standards, a new layer of the internet emerges for the identity of people and organizations. SSI represents a new paradigm — it changes the identity game completely.


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