Stephen E. Arnold: Is Amazon the New NSA Post-Google Mass Surveillance Empire?

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Stephen E. Arnold

AT&T: Amazon Telephone & Telegraph

The Bell heads are dazed with the ringing in their ears. The “real” news out Thomson Reuters published “Amazon Interested in Buying Boost from T-Mobile, Sprint.” Amazon’s chief bulldozer driver Jeff Bezos has a sixth sense for creating buzz, generating distraction, and whipping stakeholders into a frenzy of upside.

According to the real news story:

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Penguin: How ZCoin’s Privacy Technology Compares to the Competition

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How Zcoin’s Privacy Technology Compares to the Competition

Unlike the previous anonymity schemes which involve obscuring the real transactions with other inputs or transactions, the Zerocoin protocol completely breaks the transaction links between coins through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

This anonymity scheme is not without some drawbacks. In return for the huge anonymity set and breaking of transaction links, Zerocoin requires a one time trusted setup to generate initial parameters. In Zerocoin these are two very large prime numbers that need to be destroyed. Knowledge of these two large prime numbers would allow someone to forge Zerocoin spends and create coins out of thin air.

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Charles Hugh Smith: Ban All Collection of User Data – This Heals the Internet

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Charles Hugh Smith

 Want to Heal the Internet? Ban All Collection of User Data

The social media/search giants have mastered the dark arts of obfuscating how they're reaping billions of dollars in profits from monetizing user data, and lobbying technologically naive politicos to leave their vast skimming operations untouched.

I've been commenting on the cancerous disease that's taken control of the Internet– what Shoshana Zuboff calls Surveillance Capitalism–for many years.

Here is a selection of my commentaries:

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Michael McKibben: How Deep State & #GoogleGestapo Stole My Invention of Scalable PRIVATE Social Media

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How one inventor's story can help save our nation

By Michael T. McKibben, Founder
Leader Technologies, Inc.
August 2, 2017


PDF (8 Pages): 2017-08-02-TRANSCRIPT-Battle-for-the-Soul-of-America-Michael-McKibben-Leader-Technologies-Story-larger-file-Aug-02-2017

Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Policeware Outpacing Oracle, Microsoft

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: Policeware Capability Microsoft May Not Be Able to Duplicate

New partners, new data, and new outputs — Amazon is moving forward, and I am not sure Microsoft as well as fellow travelers like Google and Oracle can match Amazon’s forced march in its effort to reword the intelligence and law enforcement intelligence ecosystem.

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Mongoose: Israel’s Secret Facebook Subversion Project

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Censored Film Reveals The Israel Project’s Secret Facebook Campaign

Woven into the stream of progressive-flavored fluff are attacks on actual progressive movements, such as Chicago’s Dyke March, whose organizers faced an Israel lobby smear campaign after asking pro-Israel provocateurs to leave their march in 2017.

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Stephen E. Arnold: You Are Your Phone — There Will Be No Anonymnity

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Stephen E. Arnold

Google: Making Cross Correlation Factually Fluffy General Tso Dish?

I read “Google China Prototypes Links Searches to Phone Number”. This is one of those write ups which offers some possibly accurate information attributed to anonymous sources or “sources familiar with the project.”

Nifty. Nothing like anonymity.

But for the moment, let’s assume that queries from mobile devices are explicitly linked to the a specific mobile device. What’s the big deal?

According to the write up:

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