#GoogleGestapo: YouTube Censors New Sandy Hook False Flag Video, Twitch TV Rescues Film, Key Documents & Points Rescued by Fellowship of the Minds

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MUST WATCH: SAVED BY TWITCH.TV: Dear Wolfgang, Revisiting Sandy Hook (01:18:08)


Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’

Phi Beta Iota: Sandy Hook was a community-wide FEMA exercise (as with the Boston Bombing) and the entire story is unraveling.  Alex Jones is probably going to be paid off to avoid contesting the Sandy Hook lawsuit because that is a lawsuit he could win on the merits. The Shadow Government and Deep State do not want Sandy Hook properly investigated to include legitimate discovery in a proper legal proceedings. Wolfgang Halbig, a former policeman and nationally-recognized school safety expert, has rendered patriotic service with this video.  He’s right, everyone else is wrong — when the public figures this out, the government will be abolished and reconstituted.  An alternative path would be the President expanding his program to include an Election Reform Act and an Open Source Agency, both of which would lead to retrospective Congressional and Executive investigations without hinderance.

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