Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Content Scraper Open Source

Commercial Intelligence
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Scraper

Short honk: Want to scrape Amazon content?

Amazon has renamed a previous tool and released it as open source. Navigate to Microsoft’s GitHub and download Amz2csv. The tool performs as advertised.

One question which we are pondering is, “Why is Amazon releasing this tool as open source?”

We also wondered, “What other content acquisition tools and filters does Amazon possess?”

Phi Beta Iota: Amazon is about to do to the financial, intelligence, value-added API, and streaming data marketplace what Google did to the Internet — and only Arnold has the full story and six months advance notice. All clients whose contractors rely on Amazon’s cloud services are infrastructure are in for a very rude awakening when Amazon increases its prices to knock  them all out and then offers its own substitutes “with a rectal grin” to US military, intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial victims of this predatory switch-out.

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