Yoda: Young Latina (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) Triumphs Over Old White Irish Guy in Bed with Nancy Pelosi — The Democratic Party Just Imploded UPDATE 1

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Additional video and analysis by Robert Steele below the fold.

UPDATE 1: Her official campaign vidoe that went viral.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  El pueblo avanza! The current GOP/Trump strategy for 2018 is severely flawed because it continues to emphasize conventional GOP biases and tactics and it does not play to the President’s strength as a disruptor who can appeal to at least 70% of the eligible voters if he embraces key other figures such as Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, and, God Bless Her, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. PEOPLE NOT PARTIES is what Cythia McKinney and I have  been saying since we created #UNRIG only to see it destroyed by the Zionists, who correctly understood that American First means not Zionist Israel First.

The President needs to restore integrity to Congress and he can only do that by taking down the two-party tyranny and giving a fair shake to all Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Sandernistas, other small parties, and true conservatives within the GOP or who can be enticed to join/rejoin the GOP.

GOP:  Fill the vacant seats at the precinct level, as Dan Schultz has recommended, with conservatives and veterans. End the “pay to play” nature of the GOP and demand that it set an example for transparent evidence-based governance, eschewing, for example, all secret legislation and obfuscatory language in legislation that covers up sweetheart deals with those bribing (or blackmailing) Members of Congress.

Dan Schultz: The (Republican) Precinct Project

Cynthia McKinney

DNC: Encourage the Sandernistas, the Latinos, the young, and most especially the people of color, to challenge the old white people that have been deceiving the public for so long, pretending that the Democratic Party is the party of the underdog.  It is not.  It is “pay to play” lite and has so thoroughly screwed over people of color in particular, that they should be up in arms.  It bears mention that most of the people of color in the Democratic Party are totally culpable “Uncle Toms” who turned their backs on their constituents, sold their souls, and have never met a lie they cannot embrace. Cynthia McKinney is a goddess, and those telling the President she is a communist and Islamic terrorist sympathizer are liars who should be fired by the President — they are undermining the President, not helping the President, with such lies. McKinney is a tri-fecta toward the progressive elements of the DNC, toward the Greens, and toward people of color as well as women. Unlike all other Members, she kept her integrity and refused to bribed, blackmailed, or bullied. That strength of character is precisely what the President needs on his left flank right now.

Democrats once represented the working class. Not any more

No Caucus Pledge. The President should offer every incumbent an opportunity to take a NO CAUCUS pledge — to vote as their constituents wish them to vote, not as their party tells them to vote. All candidates, whether Independent or from a small party, should be asked to take the same pledge.

Independents: The heart and soul of America going forward is to be found among the Independents, both those that are still active in politics (a minority) and those that have dropped out completely in recognition of the totally rigged system. The only way to empower the Independents (and the small parties but particularly the Libertarian and Green parties) is to enact the Election Reform Act of 2018. The President should announce this Act on the 4th of July and demand a roll call vote from Congress on the Act, after expedited referral. The Act should be passed by 1 August 2018, and two provisions (paper ballots counted publicly on site, Instant Run-Off to end winner take all fractional fraud) mandated for the November 2018 elections, all other provisions for 2020.

Former Representative and Intelligence Official Team Up to Unrig Elections

Small Parties. The small parties are broken at the top but viable at the bottom. The Libertarian Party is a classic example of a corrupt national leadership incapable of collaborating with others to get Libertarians elected, instead it focuses on keeping its “leadership” on the payroll. At the state and district level,  the Libertarian Party has many very serious candidates that merit Presidential respect and support as a Presidential “wedge” against two-party tyranny corruption.

Swing Vote: Put quite simply, the President’s electoral strategy should have three parts: restore integrity to the GOP at the precinct level; help the Sandernistas and minorities take over the DNC, and create a swing vote of at least 20% by passing the Election Reform Act and electing at least 10 Senators and at least 50 Representatives who are either not part of the GOP or DNC, or who pledge to NO CAUCUS.  This enables evidence-based voting.

The Jewish Question. Zionists are now at Strike 14 in the USA. Zionism is over, Judaism is not.  The power of Israel in the USA is based on blackmail and bribery, not on the nine million loyal Progressive and Reform Jews eligible to vote in America. As the President migrates from unifying and denuclearizing the Koreas toward stabilizing and denuclearizing the Middle East, it is vital that he embrace and empower the nine million American Jews, all of whom have been challenged by Haaretz asking “Is it time for all Jews to boycott Israel?” The current “reading” on the Zionists and the completely separate Jewish Question at the highest levels of the GOP is severely flawed and rooted in blackmail and bribery, not reasoned thought focused on America First.

Paul Adams: Are 9% of Members of Congress & Senior Executives Dual US-Israel Citizens? STRIKE 14!

Diversity does matter. The days of the two-party tyranny are over. If the President is to be  the greatest president ever, and to fulfil his potential for the balance of his first term and into a second term, he needs both an honest Congress that can make evidence-based decisions in the public interest, and a public intelligence agency such as has been discussed five times at the national level, from the National Security Act of 1992 to the Aspin-Brown Commission to the 9/11 Commission to two senior leadership meetings at the Office of Management and Budget. Informed diversity, not party-line voting, is the President’s path to being the greatest president ever.

D3C Presidential Innovation Memorandum 3.3

Throw the Press Out of the White House. The President is wasting some of the most precious real estate on the planet on a press corps that is at best complacent and ignorant, and at worst hostile scum. The press should be relegated to the National Press Club, and the President’s new Press Secretary should have  their office over there. The vacated space in the White House should be repurposed to provide the President, near at hand, with a Trump Studio and two supporting elements: a grand strategy council that replaces the Deep State’s proxy in the White House, the National Security Council, which can and should be abolished; and an Open Source Agency leadership node, able to provide the President and the rest of the government with the 96% of the decision-support the secret intelligence community cannot provide now. This will among other things provide a truth channel connecting the President to the 200 million voters directly, a channel that cannot be censored, manipulated, or used to digitally assassinate both conservative and progressive voices today, as #GoogleGestapo does with impunity.

#GoogleGestapo @ Phi Beta Iota

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