James Fetzer: The Coming False Flag Awakening Across America

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Jim Fetzer

You asked. Here are three top references on False Flags.

Analysis of False Flags and Fake News

False Flags on Five Fronts (Seattle)

How to Spot a ‘False Flag': A Sampler of Orchestrated Events

And here are the seven false flag events that the public, with a sufficiency of  funding and publicity and legal demands for documentation, could dismantle in time to alter the race for the presidency in 2020. Either Trump gets with the program or he loses to someone who does.

(1) Boston bombing

(2) Charlottesville

(3) Las Vegas

(4) Parkland

(5) Sandy Hook

(6) Orlando

(7) 9/11

Given a modest amount of money, it would be a simply matter to create a conference with a compelling panel for each of these, and to then field a legal team making use of the court system to demand documentation that has been withheld on the basis of national security exemptions and plain obstruction of justice by DHS, FEMA, state and local governments, complicit non-profits and commercial firms, and more.

False flags that can be proven to be false flags in the next eighteen months, by-passing the mainstream media and getting educational short videos in front of both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left as well as the Independents, will conclusively show the illegitimacy of all our institutions including the FBI, law enforcement, the media, and more. “This will not stand.” There is a ground swell of disbelief across America, just waiting for a trigger.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I agree with Jim, a former Marine as am I, and a PhD which I am not — I make up for that by reading and reviewing vast numbers of non-fiction books. In my view, largely because of the work by Jim Fetzer and former state trooper, school safety officer, and insurance adjuster Wolfgang Halbig, Sandy Hook is the easiest false flag false narrative to take down but it will take money as well as persistent integrity.  All signs are that Alex Jones is going to chicken out on a perfectly good case where he could be America's saviour if he played it out toward full discovery that could not be blocked.

Below is an endnote from a receive book review that captures my sense of both 9/11 and pedophilia as public topics with which to abolish the rigged system.

[19] Quite right, but not discussed by the authors is the complicity of selected leaders within the US intelligence and counterintelligence world who enabled Vice President Dick Cheney to execute the 9/11 attacks as an insider job. The fact is that 9/11 was a false flag covert operation conceived of by the Zionists, facilitated logistically by the Saudis who documented the patsies (with John Brennan reportedly signing their visas when he was Chief of Station in Saudi Arabia), detected by  thirteen nations that warned us months in advance (which led Dick Cheney to schedule the national counter-terrorism exercise, months in advance, so he could leverage the day), and it was carried out by Zionist elements combined with rogue elements of US intelligence and the US military against US citizens (and some foreigners) on US soil. From George Tenet and Buzzy Krongard at CIA to Robert Mueller at the FBI, 9/11 will stand in history as the single greatest ethical collapse in Western intelligence since World War II (WWII) – it was both allowed to happen and made to happen in order to justify the Global War on Terror (GWOT) as a sequel to the Cold War for the sole purpose of perpetuating the military-industrial complex while laundering the profits from the Gold War against Russia and justifying an elective war on Iraq with the intent of controlling its oil. Cf. 9/11 @ Phi Beta Iota. It must be said: otherwise distinguished practitioners and scholars who have either bought into the official narrative, or who know the truth about 9/11 and pretend not to, are disqualified from leading intelligence forward into the future. 9/11, as with pedophilia and especially murderous pedophilia, are the twin pillars of the Great Awakening that is taking place, a Great Awakening that will dismantle the Deep State and Shadow Government and make possible a re-emergence of informed democracy of, by, and for We the People. On pedophilia, for which I am a Commissioner and the Chief Counsel for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, see International Tribunal for Natural Justice, “Videos & Magazine on Pedophilia Hearings in London — A New Era in Eradicating Pedopredators Begins…,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 6 June 2017.  My own summary of the pedophilia situation delivered at Westminster in London can be viewed at London Seating, “Chief Counsel Robert David Steele,” International Tribunal for Natural Justice (YouTube, 15:45), 4 June 2018 as taped 16 April 2018. Put bluntly, the secret intelligence world is complicit in and perpetuating crimes against humanity, not stopping them.

Source:  Steele, Robert, “Intelligence at a Cross Roads: To Be Or Not To Be (Review of Principled Spying by David Omand and Mark Phythian),” American Herald Tribune, 25 June 2018. PBI BackUp

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Robert Steele, “#UNRIG Robert Steele at Rolling Thunder,Victurus Libertas (YouTube, 4:39), May 27, 2018. BITCHUTE BACK-UP

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