Betty Boop: After the Fed, End the IRS? A Citizen Reports on John Maehr Case of Colorado Fighting the Legitimacy of the Income Tax

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“Truth is a lonely warrior.” (Perloff)

A long, solitary battle against the IRS for almost 20 years.  Jeffrey Maehr from Colorado has been fighting the IRS on the legitimacy of income tax.  Pro se.  His battle has been based on the Constitution and tax codes, inconsistencies, and lack of “meeting of the mind” on the part of the people kept in the dark and legalese jargon.

“Frivolous” has been thrown around in multiple courts for 17 years, Maehr's case never went before a jury, he's never been jailed and not ONE Appeals court has been willing to issue a ruling against him.  His case has always been remanded back to the lower court.  The IRS never dared take him to trial for fear that it would open jurors' mind and, as a result, get so much publicity as to open sheeples' minds.  As far as my research goes, “vexatious” was never used by any court in his case.  Which means that he was never held in contempt nor fined.

See especially Jeffrey T. Maehr v. Internal Revenue Service.

Anna Von Reitz wrote about his case and misses a lot on ramifications.

If 911 is ever investigated (and thank you for pounding on it day in, day out), the entire US of A soul-searching will be so profound that lie will never again play a part in the human experience.  Not because of AI but because of consciousness.  If 911 is ever investigated, the entire foundation of the Western world will have to be reinvestigated from scratch.  Possibly the entire history of humanity as a whole.

And then… it's back to “Who are we? Where do we come from? Why does the Vatican holds so much of our history? Why can't we know it? Under whose authority? Chosen by whom? ”

The push for technology to cure humans artificial amnesia can only fail.  Nothing can be created without a solid foundation of truth.  Truth is the one thing humans have been deprived of.

We're ready for it.  It's seeping from everywhere.

Phi Beta Iota: The higher courts are not actually supporting the plaintiff.  The matter of the IRS is going to have to be settled by a President with the brains and the balls to lead America toward a Constitutional Convention, and the integrity to recognize that the federal government is an administrative service of common concern that should be funded by the states on an allocation basis contingent on a balanced budget approved by the States (i.e. the Senators acting for the States after the 17th Amendment is over-turned), and no borrowing allowed — no wars without a public agreement to raise funds for that war.

See Especially:

MAEHR v. U.S., 30 April 2018

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