Jerry Kroth: Kennedy Assassination 2018 Update — Trump Releases Change Everything…LBJ Nailed — Related to 9/11 (No One Believes Warren Commission OR 9/11 Commission)


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Phi Beta Iota: This version blames it all on LBJ and Cord Meyer while absolving Allen Dulles, who is the central figure in David Talbot's version.  The truth is probably somewhere between.  Roger Stone once said there were nine different elements seeking to kill Kennedy and they all had their own shooters because they did not trust the other parties to get it right. What the new version does is elevate Bill Harvey and the Corsican connection, while fully exploring all the reasons why LBJ was the central figure in the assassination — and the man who explicitly ordered the route and the reduction of Secret Service protection in Dallas.

Reviews on Assassination of JFK

Robert Steele: CIA & The Deep State – Mike Pompeo is Totally Wrong – and Politico Totally Worthless (Trump Revolution 31)

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