Gordon Duff: Memorandum for the President: 9/11 NYC Was a Nuclear Event Crafted by Israel and Saudi Arabia, With Help and Cover From Dick Cheney

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9/11 The Man Behind the Zionist Curtain?

9/11 NYC Was a Nuclear Event Crafted by Israel and Saudi Arabia with Help and Cover from Dick Cheney

14 July 2018

Mr. President,

9/11 was a nuclear event on the NYC end. On 9/11, employees of the DOE and IAEA visited ground zero in NYC.  They were dressed as utility employees.  Among their number was Jeff Smith, one of my volunteer editors (Veterans Today) and also an IAEA inspector.  Jeff is a particle physicist.

Years after 9/11, I received documents that were allegedly a 2003 DOE report on 9/11.  I contacted Jeff Smith and sent him the documents which he shared with colleagues at the DOE at Los Alamos.  They confirmed they had penned the report which had been given to the White House, leaders of congress and the Pentagon. The report stated that some type of nuclear weapon was used and that the weapons had been made from material stolen from the Pantex facility in Amarillo, Texas.

I confirmed there had been an FBI/CIA/Pentagon investigation into nuclear smuggling and independently confirmed that this was also tied to an FBI investigation known as the AIPAC spying scandal.  Veterans Today board member and advisor, Gwyneth Todd, then the head of the Middle East desk at the National Security Council and assistant to Condoleezza Rice took part in a sting operation that netted a top presidential advisor who was passing nuclear secrets to Israel. The investigation was quickly quashed, the FBI agents transferred and there was an attempt of Gwyneth’s life.  She is now in hiding.  Not only were nuclear pits stolen but the technical information allowing them to be “sorted” and remanufactured had been transferred to Israel by high ranking Bush and Clinton administration appointees.

9/11 appears to have been carried out by a joint Israeli/Saudi Arabian task force with help from within America’s highest political circles, and “cover” from many elements of the US Government led by Dick Cheney. The degree to which rogue elements of the US military and secret intelligence community were complicit at multiple levels from the Joint Chiefs of Staff down to individual watch standers has not been properly investigated.

Many countries warned us months in advance, and the US Government was literally at war with itself from the summer of 2001 onwards – White Hat elements centered on a joint task force out of Fort Lee, New Jersey, while Black Hat elements, including the director of the CIA and the three directors of the FBI (past, acting, and Mueller) were all engaged in trying to prevent ABLE DANGER and other White Hat elements from stopping the planned false flag event.

On 9/11, there were additional attacks on the George Washington Bridge and the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels.  Those involved were arrested and the arrests made on the George Washington Bridge, armed Israeli nationals with thousands of pounds of explosives, was reported on national news. In all, the task force arrested over 80 individuals, both Saudi and Israeli nationals.  All but 5 were turned over to “officials from Washington” and flown out of the country.  While it was reported that the flight carried the bin Laden family “to safety,” in fact most on the flight were Mossad agents, Israeli citizens.

It is my understanding that documentation on both the fact of 9/11 being a nuclear event and the fact of 9/11 being an Israeli/Saudi false flag event with insider help from within the US Government, has been provided to the mainstream media, all of whom have refused to stray from the official narrative, which is a travesty.

It is my hope that you will honor your campaign promise, get to the bottom of this matter, and use your speech on 9/11 2018 to liberate America from the scourge of Zionist and Saudi Arabian influence.

Very respectfully,
Gordon Duff

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Gordon Duff is a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as an accomplished global intelligence specialist. He manages the world's largest private intelligence network and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. His business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. He publishes frequently at Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook.

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