Matthew Jamison: The End of Israel (Says Henry Kissinger), The End of the US-Israel Alliance — Zionism Strike 16?

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Why the US-Israel Alliance Will Soon Be a Trouble for Both

The recent shredding of over 70 years of American foreign policy with regards to the location of the US Embassy in the State of Israel has been a major catastrophic inflection point in the tortured history of the State of Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the American/Israel uber-special Alliance. It has also been a crystallization moment for many such as myself who once were unwavering and unquestioning supporters of Israel and defenders of Israel in an overwhelmingly hostile anti-Israel environment in the UK and Europe.

Dr. Henry Kissinger, a supremely eminently wise strategic foreign policy titan and one of the greatest of all American Secretaries of State and National Security Advisors has given the most fascinating prediction that the State of Israel will be finished in its current incarnation by 2022 either through an internal reconfiguration or an external cataclysmic event. For Israel the writing really is on the wall.

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