Penguin: Should All Bio-Tech (e.g. Pacemakers) Be Open Source? Should “Right to Repair” Cover ALL Software & Hardware?

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Who controls the tech inside us? Budding biohackers are shaping ‘cyborg law’

Sandler was pregnant during two of those occasions, when the pacemaker detected her heart palpitations (which aren’t abnormal in expecting mothers) and delivered an unwarranted jolt. Worried that the device would misfire again, Sandler asked the manufacturer for access to its source code, hoping to reconfigure the implant to suit her condition. The manufacturer denied her request.

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Phi Beta Iota: Neither hardware nor software are properly calibrated or regulated. IT people are lazy — they do not do serious functional requirements analysis, they do not do serious end-user engagement, they do not do serious beta testing.  Putting IT inside your body is a crap shoot. Digital Trends has done a superb job of outlining the complexity and importance of this issue.

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