Rebecca Campbell: Danielle Ryan at RT: #GoogleGestapo Internet Censorship of Left and Right

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This Week Showed Internet Censorship Is As Much A Threat To The Left As The Right

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1. Facebook censorship of Venezuelan news
2. Facebook complying with Israeli deletion orders
3. Google and Facebook censorship of left/socialist websites
4. Legitimate left-wing protests targeted?
5. Twitter suspending and banning anti-war activists

Phi Beta Iota: There are three kinds of censorship active in the USA today

– Traditional corporate and government lying about basic facts from the true cost economics of Monsanto to the unemployment rate

– Government-sponsored false flag events justifying a police state and an anti-gun agenda — the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is being lied to by FEMA officials managing CAPSTONE exercises as blatant propaganda

– Corporate and Zionist control of the Internet with capricious and illegal censoring, manipulation, and digital assassination with impunity, all the while allowing blatant defamation of targets approved by the Deep State

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