Norie Huddle: A Stark Warning About Ignorance Fatal to the Planet — Not A Word About True Cost Economics or Honest Science

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Norie Huddle

‘We Are Climbing Rapidly Out of Humankind's Safe Zone': New Report Warns Dire Climate Warnings Not Dire Enough

In the new report—titled What Lies Beneath: The Understatement of Existential Climate Risk (pdf)—authors David Splatt and Ian Dunlop, researchers with the National Centre for Climate Restoration (Breakthrough), an independent think tank based in Australia, argue that the existential threats posed by the climate crisis have still not penetrated the collective psyche of humanity and that world leaders, even those demanding aggressive action, have not shown the kind of urgency or imagination that the scale of the pending catastrophe presents.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT  STEELE: There are two kinds of intellectual corruption — the report is referring to the first kind, where known cataclysmic outcomes are ahead of us, but generally everyone including most governments is avoiding the hard decisions needed to stabilize the Earth and achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The second kind of intellectual corruption is to be found among all those scientists, politicians, and corporate leaders who know the true cost of the evils they are doing but go along with a system that seeks to deny the true cost economics of every malpractice at root — at the source. It is one thing to say the sky is going to fall in a quarter  century; it is quite another to say that what you are doing right now, in  this  specific manner, is the root cause of the future calamity.

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Sadly all eight of our core forms of orgnaization, the eight “tribes” of information, have been corrupted to the bone and what passes for a college education these days in generally a shadow of what liberal arts and scientific studies once were. We need a new approach to education that is holistic, inclusive, uncensored, and above all committed to understanding both the true costs of the failed Western model of development encumbered by crooked lawyers and bankers, and the opportunities inherent in a post-Western approach rooted in Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), which costs 10% to 20% the total cost of its Western proprietary counterpart, and has no waste.

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Steele, Robert. “Healing the Self & Healing the World: The Open Source Way,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 2 September 2017.

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