ROBERT STEELE: Good News: DreamHost Stands By First Amendment Bad News: #GoogleGestapo Massive Censorship. The Answer: A Trump Truth Channel. Includes Ron Paul Conference & False Flag Truths

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I was so concerned by losing its mind (as well as its ethics) that I checked in with DreamHost, my preferred pathway to the Internet. I am pleased to report that I have been assured in the strongest possible terms that DreamHost abides by the 1st Amendment — it will take a court order to impact on content as offered by Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog. We will continue to offer the new presidential memorandum series on Sandy Hook in solidarity with Alex Jones and we are delighted by both the domestic and the international interest in our 9/11 Truth presidential memoranda series as delivered to the White House on 8 August 2018 (and to the RNC and NRA).

This does not mean that we are unaffected. #GoogleGestapo is continuing to censor both conservative and progressive voices, and to manipulate access paths, search results, polls, trends, and more. In combination, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube are OUT OF CONTROL and in gross violation of  Title 7 as well as all other applicable laws and regulations pertaining to due process, civil rights, and whatnot.

The new tech political crisis: censorship

I have figured this out. There are two censorship “tracks” being pursued by the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly: track one relates to war in the Middle East and the truth about 9/11 and the domestic false flag attacks that are used to justify seven trillion dollars wasted in the Middle East only for the benefit of the Zionists, and hundreds of billions on creating a mass surveillance police state in the USA; track two relates to pedophilia and murderous pedophilia including Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and murder. As Chief Counsel of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse chartered by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) this is something I am working on every day. HUNDREDS of witnesses are emerging, not only against the Catholic Church but against the Mormon Church as well as the Christian Zionists.

Today I spent the day at the Ron Paul Institute Conference on Media and War, listening to, among others, Lawrence Wilkerson, John W. Whitehead, Caitlin Johnstone, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Douglas Macgregor, Gerald Celente, and Ron Paul himself.  I have never, in 40 years of conference-going, seen a better one day agenda.

The two insights that kept coming back to me speaker after speaker, and so ably summarized by Ron Paul himself, are these:

a. The Conservatives and Progressives are BOTH anti-war.  At the grass roots level, there is no disagreement on the need for a foreign policy of peace, commerce, and friendship, leaving NATO, closing all our bases overseas, and ending the covert regime change, drone assassination, and rendition/torture operations (as well as mass surveillance) of the secret intelligence community.

b. The media works for the Deep State. Their job is to promote war, to promote the myths of terrorists (as amply demonstrated by others, modern terrorism is a creation of the Zionists and the CIA and selected regimes including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan). It is not possible for any citizen to derive a truthful sense of the world from the New York Crimes, Crap News Network, or Faux News as I call them. Let me stress the failure of Faux News. They stink.

This is a two-part problem.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) consisting of both newspapers and broadcast stations is half the problem — #GoogleGestapo is the other half.

There is a need for a Trump Truth Channel that fully integrates text messages, emails, posts, shared files, and videos, that can be provided free to all 200 million eligible voters, with just one guarantee: no censorship, no manipulation, no digital assassination such a #GoogleGestapo has been and will continue to practice. Such a channel would leverage true mature experts such as I identified in 2007 at a cost of $30K for this particular set of Experts. Centers, Books, and it would offer the public mature holistic commentary, instead of the children (or older village idiots) reading from prompters that are offered today.

There are some clever work-arounds being discussed, including a deal with NBC, a much much larger and more professional network than either CNN or Faux. There is a lot of money that can be brought to bear on this problem now that the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly have overplayed their hand. A Trump Studio able to offer a one hour tour of the horizon on a daily basis, along with hundreds of seven minute videos on every aspect of our lives as affected by government, would “upwise”  the entire country within months.

I predict that the blatant censorship we have seeing is going to favor the President and those whose campaigns are clearly supportive of the President's fight against the Deep State. All CIA Directors ganging up on the President are in fact subjects of the Deep State — CIA was created by Wall Street to be its secret foundation for a Shadow Government, and the President is absolutely right in his belief that the secret intelligence community is a major part of the problem. They need to be put down, starting with the  termination of security clearances for all past retired CIA chiefs.

There are five major things the President could do to triumph in this moment toward November 2018:

01 Throw the press out of the White House. Stop wasting precious real estate. Make the divorce official.

02 Create the Trump Truth Channel with the Trump Studio as shown above, and get serious about providing the US voter with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) about all threats, all policies, all costs.

03 Tell the truth about 9/11 on 11 September 2018, while mandating the acceptance of the call for a criminal grand jury (Southern District of New York) and the passage of the Bobby Macllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act, and placing the Zionists — not the Saudis — on notice.

04 Introduce the #UNRIG Election Reform Act, perhaps in partnership with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), and demand its passage by 1 October, in time to at least implement one of the twelve provisions: paper ballots counted publicly on site.  The other eleven provisions can be implemented for 2020.

05 Make a major speech to the public on pedophilia, something that educates the public as I tried to do in my Chief Counsel Summary Statement — toward eight million children a year worldwide — 800,000 a year in the USA alone — with a life expectancy of two years once ingested into the largely Satanic but also terribly pedestrian network of pedocriminals that is active in every single county across the USA and around the world. Include a commitment to Truth & Reconciliation, to include a presidential pardon for every Governor, Mayor, Member of Congress, judge, prosecutor, and police chief that submits to a secret presidential task force debriefing on the who, how, what and why of bribery and blackmail involving pedophilia. Together with 9/11 Truth, this will bury both the Zionists and the secret intelligence rogue elements using Continuity of Government (COG) to manage the Shadow Government.

SIDE NOTE: I believe Oliver North continues to be obedient to Dick Cheney, and was put forward as President of the NRA explicitly to keep NRA on the sidelines.  As I clearly stated in my Forest Gump moment at Rolling Thunder, speaking to thousands in front of the Lincoln Memorial — and repeated in my Letter of Transmittal to the President, we cannot defend the 2nd Amendment without attacking the reality of domestic false flag operations. There  is no middle ground. If the NRA does not come out strong on the FACT of domestic false flags, we will know that Oliver North is still a servant of the Deep State, and in no way at all serious about putting down the anti-gun agenda. He is in all probability a Trojan Horse against the NRA and the 2nd Amendment.

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