Rebecca Campbell: Iowa High Court Nullifies Flawed U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment Precedent

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New AP Iowa High Court Nullifies Horrible U.S. Supreme Court Fourth Amendment Precedent

A recent ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court effectively nullified bad U.S. Supreme Court precedent in the state. The decision was a win for privacy and demonstrates the how state-level action can undermine overreaching federal power.

…the Iowa court refused to apply the SCOTUS’ loose interpretation of the Fourth Amendment to Article 1 Sec. 8 of the Iowa Constitution. Writing for the majority, Justice Brent Appel asserted that the Iowa court is the “ultimate arbiter” for the meaning of the Iowa Constitution, saying that the Iowa courts “jealously reserve the right under our state constitutional provisions to reach results different from current United States Supreme Court precedent under parallel provisions.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: For some time now I have felt that a Constitutional Convention is needed to nullify a number of amendments that have chipped away at state rights. The Federal Reserve should be neutered and the federal income tax done away with (states should apportion money for approved balanced budget submitted by the federal administrative service of common concern to the states); and Senators should once again be appointed by and represent their states, not the public in the states, which is the role of the House. Iowa has made a huge positive impact with this decision.

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