Robert Steele: Megan Garber of Atlantic — Deep State Shill Attacks Alex Jones on Sandy Hook False Flag Operation

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The Lasting Trauma of Alex Jones’s Lies

The systems that have for so long helped to enforce the notion of collective truth in America are no longer sufficient: Deception is everywhere. And it is dangerous.

ROBERT STEELE: Megan Garber is a tool — no doubt with the best of intentions but loosely educated — repeating a Deep State narrative that will not stand up in court.

On second and third reading, the article stands out as a superb summary of the problem we face when we accept a society based on lies, but the article suffers from total naivete to include the citation of known pedophiles who are at present icons of the left.

I pray that Alex Jones might triumph in court where discovery will very rapidly demonstrate that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation — the families and crisis actors participating in this drama have reaped enormous profit from this officially-sponsored con and the time has come to hold them — and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that staged the event, accountable. We should also hold the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DoJ) accountable for complicity in these crimes.

It is troubling to me that Jones’ lawyers have mounted a First Amendment defense rather than counter-suing. When the NYT says

In the more than five years since a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has used his Infowars media operation to spread false theories that the massacre was a hoax staged by the government in an effort to tighten restrictions over firearms.

That is not in dispute.

the NYT is flat out wrong. Jones has been telling the truth about Sandy Hook, and the fastest way for Jones to win is to elevate the case into a trial of the US Government agencies responsible for Sandy Hook naming all parties from parents to sheriffs to news media repeating the lies, as defendants. I strongly suspect all three cases against Jones are a bluff with the plaintiffs promised indemnification and government “protection” within a legal system that is rigged to the max. They are hoping to crush Jones, the leader of the Alt-Right media, as an example intended to intimidate other “truthers.”

Separately I have challenged President Donald Trump to honor his campaign promise to get to the bottom on 9/11. The time has come to take down the fake news media and people like Garber — well intentioned but loosely educated — that are complicit tools in the fake news industry.

I thought about this for a long time last night — it is now known, as documented so ably by Charles Lewis — that we went to war against Iraq on the basis of 925 lies. It is now legal to propagandize (lie to) the US public and the Department of Justice has gone to far as to tell the courts that it has the right to lie to the courts when it deems it necessary.

Not only does the President need a truth channel capable of communicating directly to 200 million voters while also distilling their concerns and needs into a Presidential Dashboard, but we also need a massive racketeering investigation that holds mainstream and social media elements accountable for perpetuating lies. It is not helpful that the US Government (USG) continues to lie about everything from unemployment to inflation to the benefits of baby formula over breast feeding.

Our President is doing the best he can. This article by Garber as published in the Atlantic is a superb candidate within a larger fake news media defamation lawsuit precisely because Alex Jones can prove in court that Garber is republishing lies, not the truth. With conspiracy established (all those who helped “place” and create the story), damages will be triple. Jones can probably also prove that somewhere within the Atlantic, there was knowledge of falsity in this story, hence malice.

On second and third reading, I do have to emphasize the Jones is only the subject of the headline, image, and one major paragraph — the rest of the article is elegant leftist chatter blind to the reality that the Deep State is manipulating both the left and the right while We the People struggle to establish ground truth on every issue, every day.

Sandy Hook, like the Boston Bombing and the Orlando Club shootings, was a false flag event with an anti-gun agenda. As in the case of 9/11, the scene of the crime was destroyed rather than investigated. It is a shame that Garber is so blind to the reality that false flags and fake news are the Orwellian pillars of our time, and that she, not Alex Jones, is the epitome of erudite mendacity — she believes what she writes, but what she writes is simply not true.

Go, Alex, Go!

Note: we do not condone stalking of any kind, including cyber-stalking, which is a federal felony. It is, however, essential that that those filing lawsuits to prevent truthful information from being disseminated be themselves held to justice for their lies. The court system, not social media, is the proper place for the adjudication of the truth.

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