Berto Jongman: #GoogleGestapo Google Creates Ultimate Censoring Platform for China

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Berto Jongman

Ex-Google employee warns of ‘disturbing’ China plans

Jack Poulson, who had been a senior researcher at the company until resigning in August, wrote that he was fearful of Google’s ambitions.

His letter alleges Google’s work on a Chinese product – codenamed Dragonfly – would aid Beijing’s efforts to censor and monitor its citizens online.

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ROBERT STEELE: The unethical predatory practices of #GoogleGestapo (Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube and others including PayPal, Reddit, Wikipedia, and provide the President of the United States — or a broad network of entrepreneurs — or activist billionaires who believe in the US Constitution — or all three — an opportunity.

The US Post Office, while retarded in so many ways, has a neighborhood location everywhere and is theoretically in the business of moving information around the country and around the world. There is every reason for the President to virtually nationalize email and the social media as a means of giving every citizen an email that authenticates their legal status and voting eligibility while also offering anonymous forks, and creating a national network for texts, posts, file sharing, videos, and polling or surveys that cannot be censored or manipulated as is the case now with all of the components of #GoogleGestapo. As the same time all of the broadcasting and printing licenses of the Mainstream Media (MSM), includiing Fox News, must be reviewed, and standards established for accountabiity and truthfulness.

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