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4 stars

While this book is valuable as an early overview of the how and why of the Sandernista revolution, it is also extremely tedious.

Among the best points of the book are its articulation of all the frustrations with “Establishment Democrats” that led to the growth of dissidents enchanted with Sanders, including its condemnation of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as being neoliberal rather than progressive; and its overall illumination of why #WalkAway is exploding today.

The downside of this book is that it vomits the email contents of the authors into the public space. This is a cut and paste book that seeks to tell a story across a timeline using actual documents, but in doing so, burdens the reader with vast amounts of verbiage that interfere with the story.

I have kept it at four stars because it is a “micro” look at a very serious attempt to inspire a large group of people in a non-violent manner, and as tedious as the book might be, for someone seeking to do that, there are inexpensive lessons to be learned from following the written footsteps of these two authors.

The book speaks to the Contract for American Renewal (CFAR) and alludes to alliances with the Greens, but it is naïve and delusional to contemplate any possibility of defeating the two-party tyranny – there is no difference between the two wings of the Deep State duality that controls Congress on behalf of the Deep State – absent #UNRIG – the Election Reform Act.

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