Robert Steele: The FBI [and CIA and NSA and DoJ] Must Be Torn Down, Root and Branch, and Reconstituted

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

We Need To Know If Intelligence Agencies Covered Up The 1996 Crash Of TWA 800

William F. Marshall, Judicial Watch

The political and investigative similarities between the TWA 800 and Hillary Clinton server cases, as well as the anti-Trump investigation, are eerie and deeply disturbing.

The FBI must be torn out, root and branch, and reconstituted under new management, a new name, and with new safeguards to ensure these sorts of abuses of its power and resources do not continue. Before that can occur, however, the agency’s sins must be exposed to the light. The families of 230 victims of an horrific disaster deserve as much. Mr. President, re-open the investigation into the cause of the TWA 800 crash.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I agree with Judicial Watch. The FBI was founded by a pedophile, and has disgraced the Republic ever since — it was the first to blackmail everyone else.  Today the blackmail is being done by CIA in alliance with the Mossad, and NSA in alliance with the Mossad. The entire US IC is not only pathologically dysfunctional, delivering 4% “at best” of what the President needs to know and nothing for everyone else, but it has become — beginning  in the immediate aftermath of WWII when Ed Lansdale tortured his way into access to the buried Japanese treasure that become the Black Lily Fund financing the restoration of fascist governments in Italy, Japan, and Germany, as well as the false flag stay behind units that made terrorism (e.g.  the Red Flag in Italy) a Made in the USA means of backing fascists over communists.

Now we have  the matter of Rod Rosenstein, a Bushie, who actively conspired against President Donald Trump.  I strongly disagree with those who say that Rosenstein “cannot” or “should not” be fired. The NYT, which clearly sees that the Deep State is going down, has made its move — the Rosenstein story is one it would have buried as it has buried so many others to help the Deep State. The culture of both DoJ and FBI is one of impunity. Judicial Watch has it right. Rosenstein should be replaced with someone that Ron Paul approves of — someone so deeply committed to the US Constitution that we can, under the next two years of President Trump, shut down the Department of Homeland Security, strip all police everywhere of military equipment including armored vehicles; end all mass surveillance; end all SWAT teams (which should be transferred to the National Guard and only used when authorized by the Governor) and more. FEMA must not be allowed to extend to train and bus stations and must absolutely not be allowed to do “neighborhood surveys.”

ENOUGH! I believe a majority of the public is shocked by the combination of the witch hunt (that represents treasonous employees violating the public interest) and the treasonous follies of the Schumer-Feinstein-Soros-Clinton gang seeking to undermine a Supreme Court nomination with alcoholic lies. I believe the President will hold the House and Senate, but needs to come  out strong in the weeks remaining with three initiatives discussed in each of the three links below. After the elections, we need to clean house.

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