Berto Jongman: UK Defence Strategic Survey

Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence, Strategy, Threats
Berto Jongman

Global Strategic Trends:  The Future Starts Today

UK Ministry of Defence, 10/2018

Five thematic chapters:

  • environment and resources;
  • human development;
  • economy, industry and information;
  • governance and law; and
  • conflict and security

Sixteen issues of varying impact and uncertainty:

1. Harnessing artificial intelligence
2. An expanding competitive space
3. Increasing proliferation of weapons of mass effect
4. Erosion of state sovereignty
5. Adaptation of the rules-based international system
6. An expanded and unregulated information space
7. Rising inequality, reducing social cohesion, and fragmented societies
8. Understanding human enhancement
9. Increasing competition in the global commons
10. Increasing disruption and cost of climate change
11. Increasing demand and competition for resources
12. Greater automation and an increasingly diverse workforce
13. Managing technological change
14. The challenge of affordability
15. Increasing threat from crime and extremism
16. Managing demographic change

PDF (282 Pages): UK MoD Global Strategy 2018 (Sixth Edition)

Source in UK (Same Downloadable PDF)

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