Hanne Herland: Woodley Auguste on Identity Politics Destroying America

Cultural Intelligence

A conversation: Identity Politics is Destroying America – Woodley Auguste, Herland Report

“Solidarity a forgotten value. We have become consumers. It’s a consumer mentality. Everything is disposable today. It’s all about what I can get, what I can take.


No, it’s just much noise. It’s many words from commentators with limited views. I think what’s taking place is a lack of critical thinking where there’s very little critical analysis.

I think that when we have the erosion of the family, we start to see more moral decay in society. I experience this in the US in a number of communities. There is a lack of father figures. It impacts crime, education, economics and that’s where we have the kind of decay in the US.

We are ignorant. We talk at each other rather than talking to each other and establishing the commonality, the things that we all want.

Whether it’s politics, race, sex, where men are afraid of being men in the fear of being perceived as chauvinist or anti-feminist. We are not recognizing and saying “you are my equal, my partner in this”, but I would want to be perceived to be something that I am not, so I won’t say anything. You then get the situation where men are emasculated and don’t know how to function.

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